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Houdini Lecture Review

[The Printing routine] is "one of the most beautiful and enchanting pieces of magic I have seen"

"During the milk can escape there was genuine tension among the audience. It was a wonderfully dramatic and theatrical moment"

"Hope the flight was okay and on-time. Just a quick note to say I had good feedback from people I spoke to this morning, and I was very pleased we used you at the event. It brought an extra dimension to the evening."

"...enhanced the evening..."

"...what a nice chap..."

"...easy to work with..."

"...I didn't feel a thing..."

"...your calm persona really suited the event, the customers were captivated..."

"...but <long pause> how?.."

"...but my signed card, was in your shoe..."

"...very magical..."

"...I will book you again soon..."

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